Artist at work!

Fantasy Fest 2000 Pictures

Artist At Work!

Welcome to my annual display of the highlights of Fantasy Fest. These images are frames from the three hours of digital video I shot with my Sony PD-150 camera. Each small picture is a link to a full-size image.

Again this year Key West officials mounted a campaign warning against public nudity. While this has been the case for the last five years, this year the warnings were more vigorous and dire. And again, they failed. In fact, the attempt worstens what a typical person will see on the street. While previously the emphasis at Fantasy Fest was on the artistic side with body painting, the more the government postures against body painting, the more flashing occurs. I wish they would figure this out, and declare that body painting is clothing, since it is much less revealing than the flashing or thin clothing that otherwise predominates. In order to avoid problems, I noticed a lot more artists taping the nipples prior to painting. Still, I never saw the police bothering anyone.

All images are copyright 2000 by Steve Dimse. If you want to use them, I'm a pretty reasonable guy, but you have to ask first!



Painted Women


More Painted Women


Even More Painted Women

Yan kee Fan

Damn, I Took A Lot Of Pictures (again)!




More Flashers


Lace, Vinyl, and Sexy Women


More Sexy Women


A (Very) Few Men

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