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VE3LSG K7TH 08/08 14:05:15z Reply Good morning{LK}
EMAIL-2 K7TH 07/12 18:56:22z Reply No email address found!{O1}KU
K7TH EMAIL-2 07/12 18:56:22z Send another testing message{KU}O0
EMAIL-2 K7TH 07/12 18:54:57z Reply Email sent to 3137206944@vtext.com{O0}KT
K7TH EMAIL-2 07/12 18:54:57z Send another 3137206944@vtext.com test{KT}NZ
EMAIL-2 K7TH 07/12 18:45:53z Reply Email sent to 3137206944@vtxt.com{NZ}KS
K7TH EMAIL-2 07/12 18:45:53z Send another 3137206944@vtxt.com test{KS}
WHO-IS K7TH 07/12 18:38:25z Reply E/CHARLES J PERUSHEK/MI/United States{R4}KR
K7TH WHO-IS 07/12 18:38:25z Send another N8ZA{KR}