javAPRS and HST files

JavAPRS also has the ability to play back standard .HST files generated by dosAPRS. This file is a playback of the marathon.hst file included in the APRS distribution.

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In this example, the callsigns have been turned off to reduce clutter. A delay of 50 milliseconds has been added to the display of each icon to slow the display down on faster computers.

Whether or not the callsigns, course/speed vectors, and station info are displayed is controlled by parameters passed to the applet from the browser. For example, to display positions without the course and speed vectors, one would add this line to the applet HTML tag:

PARAM name = "drawVectors" value = "false"

Each parameter has a default value which decreases the number of parameters which must be set to implement a javAPRS applet within an HTML document.

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