Miami APRServe Technical Details

Miami and the Museum

Miami APRServe is located in the Miami Museum of Science. It is one of two servers located on a T-1 line, providing excellent bandwidth.


This server is running on a PowerMac 7300/200 with 64 MB of RAM. Packet is handled by a Radio Shack 2 meter HT and Kantronics KPC-3, with a ground plane antenna on the roof.


Standard internet server software includes Quid Pro Quo as the WWW server, NetPresenz as the FTP server, Eudora Internet Mail Server, AutoShare for mailing lists, and MacDNS for domain name service. Timbuktu is used to allow remote adminstration.

To see the server statistics for the last month (the last month I've gotten around to processing, that is!) look here.

The APRServe software itself is written in C++. Its basic function is to take the data coming from the radio and send it out to clients that have connected to the server. Several other people have written similar packages for other operating systems. What makes APRServe unique is the ability to combine data from sources other than the local radio. As of this writing, the software maintains full-time connections to servers in 15 different cities, and several dozen part-time in other cities.

If you seek a deeper understanding of the inner workings of APRServe, look here

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