New Stuff Added in Each Version

APRS796 dated 16 July



APRS794 dated 26 June 97

APRS794 dated 25 June 97

APRS794 dated 23 June 97

APRS794 dated June 19th



APRS793 dated 06-08-1997:

APRS793 dated 06-07-1997:

APRS792: Dayton 97 release *** DOes not work well with Dayton PICO TNC ***

APRS791: Hopefully Dayton97 release.

APRS790: Major change throughout APRSdos to make room for longer WX data In 7000 lines of code, over 180 different lines were affected. Five BETA versions were released prior to 790.

Ver 788:

Ver 787: Good version. Should replace all 784-786. Fixes three Bugs in 786

Vers 786: Too many new features. Two major bugs. Do not use.

Vers 785: Added capability for 3 alternate DIGI paths

Ver 784: APRSdos will now only accumulate Specific STATUS, Bulletin and MESSAGE packets to the ALL page and LOG. STATUS packets begin with a ">DDHHMM" time stamp. Set CONTROLS-OTHER to ON to see other packets

Ver 783: Fixed bug while INPUT-ADDING a moving OBJ that I broke in 782

Ver 782: Lots of tweaking..

Ver 78a: Some housecleaning to squeeze in these:

Ver 78: General GRID-IN-TO format. On HF, the default will be GRID-IN-TO

Ver 77f: Fixed zoom-to-far crashes by increasing minimum zoom by 2

Ver 77e:

Ver 77d: Big problem in 77c which defaults to ignore GGA posits on air! Ver 77c: Changed alt-BText to INPUT-MY-STATUS

Ver 77b: 77a had a MENU bug... Unusable

Ver 77

Ver 76f: Mostly SPACE mode changes

Ver 76e:

Ver 76d: Fixes 76c lockup when you performed a MAPS-PLOTS-POWER or -DF.

Ver 76c: Fixed WX WIND speed indicators busted in 76a.

Ver 76b: MAPFIX25 now uses a BUS MOUSE and has 10 times faster FIND cmd

Ver 76a: Mapfix24 has 10 times faster TASK-TRIM

Ver 76: Dayton 96 version (4k larger than 75c)

Ver 75d: ADDED alt-S-GPS-PLOT for satellites

Ver 75c:

Ver 75b: Fixed automatic screen redraw (alt-SETUP-OTHER-REDRAW)

Ver 75a:


Ver 75: New MAPFIX20 has APRS type menus instead of ctrl-alt keys

Ver 74i:

Ver beta2000: Attempted to fix the overflow problems with the U-2000

Ver 74e: Dec 95. Good for 2 months!

Ver 74d (betaB):

Ver 74c:

Ver 74b: Fixed something in 74a within the same day. Dont remember what, but 74b was in DISTRO for a long time and is an excellent version!

Ver 74a: Fixes crash in DOZ if you bump mouse

Ver 74: Added ULTIMETER-2000 compatibility.

Ver 73d:

Ver 73c: * DEFAULT TNC to 4800

Ver 73b:

Ver 73: Mostly WEATHER changes:

Ver 72d:

Ver 72c: Fixed bug which ignored packets with fewer than 3 characters

Ver 72b: Major change is for MEteor Scatter Mode:

Ver 72a: Fixed 72. Is OK except for adds in 72b.

Ver 72:

Ver 71c&d: more tweaks for SAREX but still based on 95 min timing

Ver 71b: From NOW ON, only WIDE-RELAY digipeaters will be shown as GREEN

Ver 71a: My first Doppler DF fox hunt with APRS:

Ver 7.1: Major MAP changes. Combined small maps into BIG regional maps.

Ver 7.c: Alt-S-OTHER-GAME mode for on-air-chess

Ver 7.b: Fixes bug #1 map HOT key bug. Adds SPACE MODE

Ver 7.a: Upgraded to MAPFIX12 that can now KILL Labels

Ver 7.0: Two changes that are NOT backward compatible.

  1. LARGER OBJS-AREAS-LINES shapes are now 4 times bigger.
  2. MAPFIX1.bas now has an optional compression feature which reduces 60% size and 33% speed

Ver 69: Fixed major bug that ignored ALL GGA's after a single bad NMEA

Version 6.8: Fixed GPS RMC bug not working on OWN stn in dual-port and HSP

Version 6.7b: Added SLAVE mode

Version 6.7a: Added selective prompt to Xmt command

Version 6.7: Added 3D and altitude. * New SYSTEMS directory

Version 6.6: Added Microsoft SERIAL MOUSE for APRS and MAPFIX.

Version 6.5c: HSP was in-op in 6.5 and later. Fixed it.

Version 6.4b: Changes QUERY Latitude to (-) effective 1 Apr.

Version 6.4a: OOPS, 63c and 64 would NOT let you change WX alarms nor configure a second COM port for GPS/WX/DF.

Version 6.3b: APRS TELEMETRY announcement!

Version 6.3a: Implements QUERY at a RANGE. Adds WX ALARM RANGE

Version 6.3: Adds COM3,4 by poking BIOS.

Version 6.2d: Finished all 15 default SSID symbols

Version 6.2b: Fixed Rain Alarms. Added METRIC for temps and winds

VERSION 6.03 Upped points to 3600 (later reduced to 2999) and maps to 170

VERSION 6.02 Added an AMTOR/PACTOR mode. Added TNC NEWmode command

VERSION 6.01 Added ARNAV interface. Upped points to 2000 and maps to 160

VERSION 6.0Plus+ MAPFIX can IMPORT roads from other maps

VERSION 6.0: Alt-IGNORE and SPCL. Added Circle/Box/etc AREAS as objects.

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