Using the Pete Brothers Ultimeter II and the KPC-3

The U-II and a KPC-3 with a radio can be used as a stand alone remote weather site for APRS. This will provide real time wind speed, direction, temperature, and rainfall. Also, with more actual stations up on APRS, there will be better coverage for mobiles and stations limited to low power or inside antennas. These steps work for the KPC-3's that have the ver 6.0 eprom. These must be installed, as that is the version with the GPS ability.

Connecting the wx station to the tnc

The cable to connect the U-II to the tnc is a simple one. On one end is a regular modular type telephone plug. On the other, is a DB-25. Only two wires are needed from the phone plug. Connect the green wire to pin number three. This is the data line. Connect the black wire to pin number seven. This is the signal ground.

Set normal things such as myalias relay. Other settings with the newer eproms must also be set.

GPS settings on tnc

Once this is done, you need to put the tnc into GPS mode. Type INT GPS. Then, when you turn the tnc off and then back on, it will be in gps mode.

If you read the manual that comes with the KPC-3, you will bet a better explanation of the GPS commands. Pete Brothers and Kantronics are both very helpful if you need help. Both companies are familiar with each others products, and how to make them work together. Kantronics: 913 842 4476 9am to noon, 2pm to 5 pm Central Standard Time. Mon to Fri Pete Brothers: 908 531 4615. Ask to speak to a technician.

I hope this will keep you from enduring a lot of the headaches that I went through to get the remote wx stations on the air. And big thanks go to Jim KU0G and all the others on the FL-APRS SIG that sent me helpful tips.

73 de AJ4Y Paul Womble