Making MacAPRS work with APRServe

These are some quick instructions on what it takes to get MacAPRS working with TCP. MacAPRS has had this capability for quite some time, thanks to the Macintosh communication toolbox.

First you need to get a telnet Communication Toolbox tool to connect to the server. The best is free, called TGE TCP Tool, and is available on my web site...

Place TGE TCP Tool in the extensions folder on your Macintosh, and run MacAPRS. You must now configure the program to use the new tool correctly.

Choose Settings/Communications/TNC via TCP. Enter the following information into the appropriate fields in the dialog box:

This configuration information need only be entered once (if you are a registered user...unregistered users will need to re-enter it, along with all other configuration information, each time you run the program).

To connect to the server, select Settings/Open TCP via TCP

The stations will flood in. If you want to disable the sound temporarily, press the Caps Lock key.

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