Fantasy Fest 1999 Pictures

New!Pictures from 2000 Fantasy Fest!

Artist at work!

Fantasy Fest 1999 Pictures

Artist At Work!

Everyone has a dream job, and even though some may dream of my job, I'm no differrent. Every year I get to see a lucky few practice their craft of body painting at Fantasy Fest in Key West. Imagine, you only work one day a year and you get to paint breasts...It doesn't get any better than that!

Despite a continuing ban on the display of uncovered breasts, the practice is booming, with as much, if not more, flesh visible this year than before the ban in 1996. The artists were still shielded from the street, but often those sheets were pulled back, so all can appreciate the masters at work. I never saw a police officer bothering anyone about nudity, a marked changed from previous years. Perhaps just as the ban on alcohol in the street was ignored for years before being eliminated, this portends a more relaxed attitude in future years.

The pictures that follow were captured from Digital-8 camera. Each is shown as a 180x120 thumbnail, the full 720x480 image can be see by clicking on the thumbnail. The images are broken up into several pages to make viewing quicker. All images are copyright 1999 by me. If you want to use them, I'm a pretty reasonable guy, but you have to ask first!



Painted Women


More Painted Women

Pastel painting

Even More Painted Women

Pastel painting

Damn, I Took A Lot Of Pics!

Pastel painting

Lace, Leather, and Other Outfits




What About The Men?

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